Application Instructions

Not only do our removable vinyl wall decals add a splash of color to those walls, but they are incredibly EASY to apply... simply follow these application instructions to apply your vinyl wall decals, wall quotes, and personalized wall monograms!


Your vinyl arrives as a pre-spaced sheet of letters made of three layers...

  1)  The top layer - or transfer tape (though which you can see the letters)
  2)  The middle layer - the vinyl letters or decals themselves
  3)  The bottom layer - white/blue shiny backing paper

When you receive your order, gently press the vinyl sheet flat before proceeding with the instructions.

Find the center of the area you wish to apply your wall words and lightly mark it with a pencil. Position your vinyl sheet on the wall, using the center arrow provided to center your decal with the mark on the wall. Use a level to ensure the letters are straight (line the level up with the LETTERS, NOT the backing paper). Make several small pencil marks on the wall, along the top of the decal.
Take down your lettering and lay it FACE DOWN on a flat surface. With your application tool (or credit card), gently but firmly rub over the paper backing one more time to ensure the letters are adhering to the tape on the front.
Carefully remove the paper backing, then place the design back on your wall. Align the top of the tape with the pnecil marks you previously made. Gently press down with the palm of your hand, ensuring all the letters are adhering to the wall. Once you have done this with the entire decal, take your application tool and once more go over your decal (application tape still on).
Starting at a corner, slowly peel back the application tape, pulling it BACK INTO ITSELF. (DO NOT pull it straight up off the wall at a 90 degree angle) TAKE YOUR TIME, as this is the most important step. If your letters are still sticking to the tape, lay the tape back down and run the letters again. NOTE: Heavily textured walls will take more time. Have patience, and go slowly.
THIS STEP IS FOR 2 COLOR, OVERLAYS, and OVERSIZED ONLY! You will notice there are least two diamond shapes on your first section- make sure they transfer onto the wall with the letters or art. When positioning the second section, place the diamond shapes ON TOP of the already applied section. Proceed with steps 2-4 above.
YOU'RE DONE! Once all the tape is removed, take your fingernail or tweezers and peel off the center arrow and diamond shapes (if applicable).

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to apply vinyl wall art out of reach of little fingers to prevent toddlers and infants from pulling it off the wall. Remember that any backgrounds shown in our sample images are for illustrative purposes only.